Ventive Crowdfunding

What is Ventive?

Ventive is an award winning, London-based ventilation company. Its disruptive PVHR technology (Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery) introduces fresh air to buildings, without using or losing energy – creating a healthier environment while reducing running costs for building owners.


Watch our video on Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Why invest?

To generate a good return whilst supporting an innovative clean technology business to grow.  

Our patented unique passive ventilation products can change the way our homes, hospitals,offices and schools are ventilated. We have recently scaled up the production of our new range of energy-efficient ventilation devices, which have already been specified, tested and installed into over 150 properties in the UK.

Your investment will help us to move to the next level in our product development. We have already demonstrated traction in our target markets (domestic and commercial), with sales doubling year-on-year for the previous 3 years. 

These are set to increase 5-fold this year (ending July 2016).


Energy-saving measures driven by Legislation

Legislation is driving the ventilation market in the direction of ‘heat recovery’ which helps to create demand for technologies that save energy, rather than lose energy.  The big companies in this industry quote this as being a key part of their acquisition strategies.


Key Company Facts

3 patented products already introduced with more being developed

500% increase in sales revenue this year

£500k contract secured with a key client, delivered within 8 months

Over 600 domestic systems sold and installed to over 150 properties

25 Commercial systems already sold

12 enterprise-level clients on-board

 Largest Domestic pilot order of £30k

Largest Domestic follow-on order of £500k (client now specifying Ventive as default product).

Largest Commercial Sale of £34k

Over 100 CPD training sessions requested by specifiers (Architects & Engineers).

Growing network of installers and resellers

Raising over £1m grant funding to match seed investment.

Management Team

The Ventive passive solution makes the air in my home clean, fresh and much dryer. 

My dustmite allergy seems to have disappeared and there is no damp in my house anymore.

John Newson

Homeowner, West Midlands

Before we had the Ventive system installed my daughter suffered from constant nosebleeds and her asthma was terrible. The air quality in the house is now lovely and pure, plus extremely fresh with no cold draughts. 

Lisa Jones

A tenant in a property that had a Ventive PVHR system installed.